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About Trovant

Your bathroom is your personal space in the home. People take a lot of time to design and decorate their home. Bathrooms should be no exception. The least you can do for your bath is get bath fittings that accentuate the space. Trust Trovant’s products to do so.

Bath Fittings are a necessity and should be available to all and sundry. Items as basic as a tap should be within everyone’s reach. Trovant firmly believes in providing quality bath fittings at an affordable price. Our vision is to create sustainable and affordable bathroom solutions. In a country where people are still warming up to the idea of bathrooms and toilets, Trovant is making it their mission to make sanitaryware affordable. All this with care for Mother Nature in view.

Product Features

Our products are Made in India and for India. Our bath fittings are designed keeping in mind the Indian homes. Our products are:



Our products are eco-friendly and cause no harm to Mother Nature


Rust free

Our taps and sinks are galvanized. So rest assured that there will be no rust. No matter how Hard or soft the water is the taps won’t catch rust.



Our taps and bath fittings are made to last. Being sturdy and rust-free ensures that they last longer and are cost effective.



We have designed the taps keeping in mind they are an essential item and not luxury. The prices are easy on your pocket and have been determined keeping the Middle and the lower middle strata as the potential customer.



The bath fittings have been ergonomically designed. These designs are well-suited for any and every kind of bathrooms and toilets.

Empowering the Rural Sector

The rural sector or the rural population is often the neglected one. With very few commodities being made or marketed for them. At Trovant, we believe in caring for all sectors including the Rural ones. No society is complete or a Nation great if there is even a stratum that doesn’t get its due. The rural areas have mostly been dumped with products that do not qualify and are rejected by the high profile markets as Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities. Trovant is here to change this view. Our products are designed and marketed with the Rural sector in view. It is a huge market which needs to be tapped not only for commercial purposes but also for the sake of the society.

We are aware that most villages are now getting into proper sanitation facilities. Many villages now have the first ever toilets built after almost 70 years of Independence. As such, there is a huge need for low cost and durable taps and sinks. Trovant is headed to play its role in making a “Clean and Green India” by providing exclusive products for the rural area.

The products fit into the bill of what the rural people want. They are cost-effective, durable, rust free and easy to install and use. Come, join us at Trovant to make the rural at par with the rest of the nation, through our range of wonderful products.


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